My songs:

Song 1 – Ding-a-ling, ding, ding!

Song 2 – Time to jam!

Song 3 – Super speedy Lauren!


Song 5 – Strings!

Song 6 – Feel the beat!

Song 7 – Plucking a rainbow!

30 thoughts on “Music

  1. Hi my name is Bristol! I noticed you did multiple songs, that is cool! Do you like music, what kind? visit my blog at

    • Dear Bristol,

      My favourite kind of music is probably pop but I do like other genres, I’m a person who will listen to most songs on the radio. Sorry my reply isn’t that long I just got back from Fiji and then realised I had 21 new comments!


  2. Man! You are quite the composer, Lauren. I especially like Plucking the Rainbow. Do you want to do that as a profession? That is something you could do in your spare time as you grow older or as a profession. Both my children majored in music in college, so music has always been a big part of my family’s lives. Yeah music!

    • Dear Elyse,

      I do try and make my blog bright and colourful, I believe that if you make a blog look good more people will read it.


  3. Hello Lauren,
    Am a teacher from kenya commenting on STUBC 2019. Am impressed with your creativity. Which instruments were you using? l love music especially with crochet beats, melody and lyrics, matter most to me. CHEERS

    • Hi Thomas Oriya,

      Thank you for visiting my blog, I thought Kenya was in Africa and I was right! I don’t know what instruments I was using, I kind of forgot.


  4. Hi Lauren,
    I love the music you created.What program did you use?You did a good job.Once again i love your music that you made.Have a wonderful blogging.

    From Natalya

  5. Hello Lauren,

    Your songs are amazing and there better then I could make, What is your favorite instrument?

    From Matthew

    • Hi Matthew,

      My favourite instrument is………. either piano, clarinet, saxophone or percussion. I also like trumpet. I play clarinet and piano, but I also love the way saxophones and drums sound.


  6. G’day Lauren,
    Sorry I am so late leaving you a comment. You have certainly had a fantastic time creating so many different pieces of music. Think my favourite is YOUR SONG. Took me a while to work out what you did.

    Glad you are learning new things taking part in the challenge again.

    • Hi Miss W,

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog! This is my first time doing the student blogging challenge or blogging. But I’m going to use Edublogs a lot now!


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