Earth hour

Have you ever heard of Earth hour?ย 

Earth hour (2019) is on Saturday the 30th of March at 8:30pm and it goes for one hour, Earth hour first started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia. During Earth hour some businesses and houses turn off their lights and most machines to help/show they care about global warming.

I had heard of Earth hour before but I didn’t know when or what it was. I realised I wanted to get involved with Earth hour when my adorable little brother (Ollie) brought home a candle which he had made a candle holder for at school. On a piece of paper his teacher(s) had written that he said when it was Earth hour he would “Tell mum and dad to turn off every single light in the world.”

You can think of at least one way to help the environment this Earth hour. If you think of a good idea be sure to write it in a comment. Ideas may include turning off: lights, TVs, laptops/computers, chargers or microwaves.

Earth hour is a great event you can get involved in so tell your friends and family about Earth hour and how they can get involved in this important event.

13 thoughts on “Earth hour

  1. Hi bloggers,

    I hope you take part in the Earth hour this year. Be sure to check out my other posts as well as this one. If you were wondering how I made the poster it was made on the one and only Canva.

    Please make sure that you leave the link to your blog at the end of your comment(s) so me and other bloggers can visit your blog!


    • This is so cool! I had never heard of it before. I am going to be on a church retreat at that time, so I can’t really control the lights. But I’ll be thinking about it. I am impressed with your website; it’s so colorful. And your writing is lovely.

  2. Hi Lauren,
    This is so cool! We don’t do this in America but, I think we should! I feel like we should care about our Earth more often. When did you learn about this really cool hour?

  3. Hello-
    I love your post I think it is very interesting. Just saying, your dog is adorable and so is your horse. I have always wanted a horse. Are they fun to have as a pet? I have never heard of Earth hour but I like the idea of it. Did you make the clay pot with the candle inside in the picture? I think that is very cool that they turn off their machines and lights to show that they care too. Now that I know about Earth day I will definitely join in on it!

  4. Wow, Lauren, your blog is sooooooooooooooo cool!
    I wonder who made the candle holder and the candle!

    Rose!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Dear Lauren,
    I am Travellama from Colorado in the U.S. I have never heard of Earth Hour, but I want to start turning all the lights and electronics off. That sounds a little bit like saving the Earth. When is Earth Hour in 2020? You should go do the holiday survey at my class blog at

  6. Hello Lauren,
    It’s nice to see an 11-year-old student fighting for the preservation of our planet Earth.
    I invite you to watch the short video that my students made from the Australian WWF video about the “Earth hour 2019”.
    They are the same age as you and their class is participating in the Student Blogging Challenge.
    Bien amicalement.
    The Teacher of the CM2 from Brindas Primary School, France

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