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Thanks to:

Me, I made my header images on an amazing website called ‘Canva‘. I made my commenting poster on Canva (it’s on another page called ‘Commenting’).

My amazing mum and possibly my dad took the pictures of Tango (the horse) and I took the picture of my dog on the right hand side of my blog.

I hope you found this helpful and try out Canva soon.ย 

Here’s a image of 2 adorable pom-pom monsters talking about copying and copyright. Do you have any good names for them? Let me know, because they should have names!


4 thoughts on “Bibliography & copyright

  1. i like how you added alot of detail about it.
    i wish you put more info about it.
    i wonder what canva even is?
    please visit me at

  2. Wow Lauren, I really value the variety of headers you have provided for your blog visitors – so creative.

    The pom-pom monsters discussing copying and copyright look great! Unfortunately, they are a bit small and I can’t read the writing very easily. Is there a way you could rectify this?

    You could name them something to do with Wildy? or 6J? I’ll let you know if I think of any suggestions!

    Mr. Jackson

  3. Hi Lauren,
    Wow! That’s so fun that every time your page reloads it shows a new image. I really like the quotes and the text together because they feel so positive.

    I now also want to go try out Canva as those pom pom monsters are super cute!

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