Quotes that will make you laugh

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great Christmas! Here are some funny quotes about school that I found when I was trying to find a tagline for my blog (the thing that goes under the name of the blog) enjoy!

1: Dear Maths,
Grow up and solve
your own problems.

2: Without school it’s
really hard to know
what day it is.

I hope this brightened your day! You canย find these quotes and more by googling ‘cute school quotes’ or ‘funny school quotes’ if you find any funny quotes write them in the comments, for everyone to see and laugh about.

Have a great day,




3 thoughts on “Quotes that will make you laugh

  1. Dear Lauren,
    This really brighten my day.
    I agree with you, math should do its own problems.Thank you for making my day better.


  2. Hi lauren!
    My name is chloe and i come from Fintona Girls School! I am your new blog buddy and i am very excited to keep blogging! These jokes brightened my day! You sound very funny and kind. I cantt wait to keeep blogging!

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