Hi, guys, it’s Lauren! This week’s topic is Emojis. I’ve made a story, I hope you like it!

Here’s my story:

👋🏼, It’s Lauren! This week’s challenge is to 🛠️ a 🏤 about emojis. So here it is: What’s your favourite emoji? Is it 😀, 😕, 😆, 😂, 😢, the 🎉 😱 1️⃣ or is it something else? This is my favourite emoji: 🥳 I ❤️ this 1️⃣ ➕1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣! 🥫 ➡️👤 decode this story? I’ll comment the answers 📉 below, so ➡️👤 🥫 👀 if ➡️👤 got it ➡️!

Did you guess it? Check your answer in the comments!

– Lauren

21 thoughts on “Emojis

  1. Hey guys, it’s Lauren. Here’s the answer:

    Hi, It’s Lauren! This week’s challenge is to make a post about emojis.

    So here it is:
    What’s your favourite emoji? Is it happy, confused, laughing, lol, crying, the party face one or is it something else? This is my favourite emoji: 🥳 I love this one so much! Can you decode this story? I’ll comment the answers down below, so you can see if you got it right!

  2. Dear Lauren,
    I was able to decode your story! You are very creative with emojis. You guessed my favorite emoji! I think its so cool how I was able to read all the emojis as if it were a word.

  3. This is a nice way of decripting an emoji story, I like the format and how you used the emojis, like with that can emoji.

    Keep it up 👌

  4. Nice post Lauren! Your emoji puzzle was very creative. I love the colours of your blog. I’d like to hear more about your dog Max! Comment on my blog if you’ve made a post about him.

    Visit my blog at blog44.ca/julienk

  5. Hi Lauren
    I did not guess your post I couldn’t understand. Very creative of you to think of this story. My fav emoji is the one we’re its crying because it looks cool and interesting.

  6. Hi Lauren, what a cool blog post! Not only did I really like what you wrote I also noticed that you were using some super cool widgets. As for your story I’m sorry to say that I failed miserably at decoding it. I don’t really have a guess but maybe ill spend some more time decoding it. You seem to have a very popular blog, is this your first time doing the SBC or hav you done it before?

    Great post and good luck with the rest of the challenge! If you want to check out my blog heres the link: http://www.blog44.ca/owenc/

    • Hi Owen,

      Thank you for visiting my blog! I have quite a few widgets (I got the idea of using some of them from other blogs and posts). I was reading the story and I couldn’t decode it myself. I wrote it up on a website, I linked it in the post. 2019 was my first year of doing it, I’m not sure if I’ll do it this year as we don’t do it in class any more and it’s hard to balance homework, blogging and other activities.


  7. Hi Lauren,
    I was able to figure out your emoji story and I found that it was just the right difficulty. You had to think a bit to figure it out but it wasn’t impossible. My favourite emoji is the 😂 one because I use it so often. Do you have any other favorite emoji’s?

  8. G’day Lauren,
    Sorry I am late leaving a comment but with holidays and an online conference, I am only just catching up with commenting.

    I had no idea of many of the emoji you used in your story so was very pleased you had put the answer in the comments.

    How long did it take to write the story?

  9. Dear Lauren,
    I did not decoy your emoji test,I have done a lot of these,but those ones were easy.This one was a challenge for me.Thank you for giving me a challenge,and telling me that I need to practice.

    Sincerely, Kayana

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