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Hello everyone,

For this week’s blogging challenge I have decided to make a survey on In case you didn’t know is a website where you can play games involving coding and make your own games/apps. I would really recommend using it and you don’t even have to be good at coding. It is also a safe website.

Please see the previous post to visit my survey or click here. Thank you to everyone who visits my blog, I really appreciate it!

Something I have realised about my app is you need to be a certain age to use it. I think you have to be 13 or above try it and tell me what works!

Thank you,

Lauren 6J

10 thoughts on “New app

  1. Hello !

    Our class is participating in the Student Blogging Challenge (March 2019).
    For the week 9 task, some of us chose to talk about your blog.
    We invite you to click on this link to read the post :

    Take the opportunity to visit all our class blog. Please, write us your comments !
    Avec toute notre amitiรฉ.

    The students from the Brindas Primary School CM2, France

  2. Hi, Lauren! I am Mrs. V., a teacher from the United States. I enjoyed reading your post and taking your survey. Including a survey is a great idea!

    Your blog looks professional and well-done. Very nice!

  3. Hi, Lauren!

    My name is Mrs. Wohlafka, and I am a commenter for Student Blogging Challenge Week 9.

    I really like your survey on!

  4. Hi Lauren,
    The survey is inspiring to me and l believe to you.Thank you for providing a link to coding. Here in Kenya we are just getting into this world of internet learning.
    #STUBC 2019 Commenter.

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