In science, we have been making electrical circuits.

Using an app called Stile we have been doing activities about circuits. We make predictions on Stile and then see what actually happens.

This is my prediction:

It was pretty close to what actually happened.

Here is a torch, it has a circuit inside of it.

I can’t wait until our next science lesson!

Last student blogging challenge post

This is my last student blogging challenge post for this challenge as this is week ten of the ten-week program.

There are many surveys you can fill out some created by me some not:

Check out these two surveys by Edublogs:

If you’re a student use this one

If you’re a teacher use this one

Please try out the survey by me I mention it in two posts:ย &ย, you can scroll down to the post with the embedded code or you can go to the app on

You guys are the best. Thank you all for making my first student blogging challenge and time blogging great!


New app

Hello everyone,

For this week’s blogging challenge I have decided to make a survey on In case you didn’t know is a website where you can play games involving coding and make your own games/apps. I would really recommend using it and you don’t even have to be good at coding. It is also a safe website.

Please see the previous post to visit my survey or click here. Thank you to everyone who visits my blog, I really appreciate it!

Something I have realised about my app is you need to be a certain age to use it. I think you have to be 13 or above try it and tell me what works!

Thank you,

Lauren 6J