For a class project this year everyone in year six was given a country in Asia. People’s countries included: Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, India, China, Azerbaijan and a lot more because there’s a lot of people in year six!

We had to make a website on Weebly, we also had to make a artefact! If you would like to visit my Weebly website here. Or type up the link:ย

6 thoughts on “Azerbaijan

  1. Hi Lauren,
    Fancy being the leader of a country that large USSR! I imagine there were lots of fights on the borders where people felt they weren’t getting their fair share of the profits. Bit like our states do here in Australia when arguing about the GST money.

    Do you think Azerbaijan is better off out of the USSR and is now a country on its own?

    • Hello Miss W,

      If you were a leader of a giant country you’d probably have so much power. I think that Azerbaijan is better off being a country of it’s own because now Azerbaijan has more freedom.


    • Hi Justin,

      Weebly’s okay, but Edublogs is better. I tried to check out your blog but it asked me to sign in to my google account and I don’t have one because I’m 11 and I have to be like 13 or something.


  2. Hi Lauren,
    I really enjoyed your Weebly I thought It was very creative. I also liked how you said what other countries were included!

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