3 blogs

Hi everyone,

I have chosen 3 blogs I think you should visit (from my class). Each blog is unique and amazing, please tell me what you think about them!

Sonali’s blog – she uses so much detail and has lots of good topics to talk about, she also goes into detail and her posts are interesting.

Ashlyn’s blog – on Ashlyn’s blog there are a lot of great photos, she really makes her blog look exciting, her posts are all really interesting.ย 

Georgie’s blog – her avatar looks amazing and on her blog there’s heaps of ideas and really helpful information.


There is a duck called Ducky,

He’s really very lucky,

I love to play and feed him bread,

before I have to go to bed,

Ducky is cute,

He is the same colour as my new white boot(s),

Ducky goes swimming all day long,

He likes nesting in my thong,

Isn’t Ducky getting mucky,

He’s a very luck ducky!