Do you like dancing?

Dancing is a great way to express emotion and thought. You don’t have to dance in competitions or become famous for dancing, you can just dance for fun.

There are many different styles of dance such as: jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip hop and just dancing like you. Some people are very graceful dancers, ballet is very graceful. Some people dance like a crazy person shaking their hair around and bumping into people.

Dancing is something everyone can do, some people are just better at it than others. You can dance however you like.

unsplash-logoDavid Hofmann

(ballerina dancing)

2 thoughts on “Dancing

  1. Hey Lauren, my name is Lauren as well! I love your blog so much, itโ€™s really bright & creative. I love to dance but Iโ€™m more of the bumping into people dancer๐Ÿ˜‚. How is school going for you? Whatโ€™s your favorite subject? My blog is http://yourgirllauren3.edublogs.org if you want to check it out!
    -Lauren ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dear Lauren,

      I bump into people when I dance as well…. School’s pretty good, one of my favourite lessons would have to be STEM but I also like drama & PE (sports).

      I’d love to check out your blog.


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