I have made a quiz about school

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10 thoughts on “I have made a quiz about school

  1. Great quiz, Lauren. I answered sort of as a teacher from the school I last taught at. I will add this to the magazine where you might get more responses, also on twitter.

  2. Hi Lauren,

    Great quiz and you’ve given me a new quiz program to try out!

    I’ve also answered it based on my new school.

    Are you going to collate your responses and share them?

    Ms Yeomans
    Melbourne, Australia

  3. Hi lauren,

    Great Quiz i really like the questions and all of the answers for each question will vary depending on where you are in the world, It really makes you wonder how different the world is, huh?

    • Hello kw3732,

      I asked how many classes were in a year level and not in a day. Example: In year 6 at Wilderness school there are three classes; 6B, 6D & 6J. I am in 6J.


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