Story 3

Another story about a girl based on a photo.

unsplash-logoJordan Rowland

Leah was following her little sister Katie around their farm. She could see Katie’s pink dress flapping around in the wind. Leah was wondering what Katie was doing, Katie didn’t know Leah was following her. Katie kept on walking until she saw someone. Leah looked, she was very confused. Who was it, then she realised it was her older brother Henry.

Leah had know idea why Henry was out here, he was mean’t to be at his friends’ house. He saw Leah and he said to her “What are you doing here?” He asked. Leah replied to him by saying “I could ask you the same question.” Leah walked forward then she tripped over something, it was a stick, with Henry’s name on it.

“Henry what are you doing?” asked Katie who was very shocked to see Leah behind her. “Well if you two must know, I was just finishing growing this pumpkin.” he said while pulling of an old pile of rags, it was the biggest pumpkin Leah and Katie had ever seen. “It’s for the Spring fruit and vegetable compition.” said Henry in a very proud voice.

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