Story 2 – Haunted

Another story about a image by Lauren.

unsplash-logoeberhard grossgasteiger

As Alicia stood got out the car she stood still. A sudden cold shiver went down her back. She looked at her new house it was a really big cottage on a hill. It was very different to Alicia’s old house, it was near a forest and mountains, her old house was in New York city. It was also very windy near the mountains she realised as the wind blew her long black hair into her face again.


For some reason Alicia parents didn’t like having neighbours. She realised that because the nearest shops and houses were a city away. Alicia began walking into the house suddenly she heard voices, a lot of voices. Alicia was confused, she asked her parents if they could hear the voices as well. Their answers were “Don’t be crazy!” and “Really?” Alicia was even more confused and then the voices began yelling. She could see that her parents could hear that. Suddenly Alicia felt something touch her shoulder, she turned around and was very suprised to see what was behind her.

One thought on “Story 2 – Haunted

  1. I don’t think I’d like to live there Lauren, looks very creepy, but would be very interested to find out who touched her shoulder.
    Very exciting story. Hope I can sleep tonight after reading that.

    Well done

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