Story 1

I’ve decided to write a story about this photo.

unsplash-logoCristy Zinn

I was running. I had been running for a long time. I am running after a horse a special horse, a horse called ‘Star’, I love her name because it relates to space just like mine ‘Luna’.

I couldn’t see Star. I knew she and the other horses must have been spooked out by the lightning last and began to run faster. I kept on running, I just hoped that Star and the other horses were okay. I knew Star and the other horses must have been 3 – 5 kilometres away. I kew it would of been faster to drive, but I couldn’t be bothered waking them up at 1:00 am in the morning.

I suddenly heard the sound of a car nearby me. I turned around but the driver was isn’t who I expected it to be. Inside the car was ………

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