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Hi there!

Check out this video if you would like help with header images, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions! I made the header images on ‘Canva‘.

This video was made for the default Edublogs theme, please let me know if it works for any other themes. (I think it also works on the ‘White Xmas’ theme.)


5 thoughts on “Header images

  1. Dear Lauren

    You keep on surprising me with your IT skills! I like the way you have shared your knowledge through this video so that other people can change the size and font of their titles.

    Love Mum x

  2. Wow, Lauren!

    Such a well-designed tutorial video. Very easy to follow for your visitors. I notice that you have a few new flags on your tracker.

    Keep it up!

    Mr Jackson

  3. Great job, Lauren. I’ve worked with Canva before, but you’ve reminded me to try again. Thanks!

    #STUBC Commenter

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