Header images

Hi there!

Check out this video if you would like help with header images, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions! I made the header images on ‘Canva‘.

This video was made for the default Edublogs theme, please let me know if it works for any other themes. (I think it also works on the ‘White Xmas’ theme.)


My avatar

This is my avatar:

I think my avatar looks like me. Somethings it’s missing are: freckles, a smile (I don’t normally smile unless I’m laughing, really happy or talking to my friends about strange things) and my hair colour isn’t exact, because my hair is slightly darker at the top and blonde-ish at the bottom.

I chose the background because I love space, stars, planets and learning about the universe. I also like the colour turquoise.

If you want to visit my ‘about me’ page click here.