12 thoughts on “Commenting

  1. i like how you told people what not to type.
    i wish you added more info.
    i wonder if you could add detail.
    please viset my blog at blog.elanco.org/rhoademe

  2. Thank you for writing these nice clear instructions for commenting on a blog post. Did you draw the pictures yourself?

    I hope that you and your class are enjoying participating in the Student Blogging Challenge. I’m enjoying reading all these posts.

  3. \\\\Dear Ms. Taylor,

    The pictures I used were from ‘Canva’. I am enjoying the student blogging challenge so far.


    • Dear Zylia,

      My favourite animals are dogs and horses. But I like lots of other animals including farm animals.


  4. Hey Lauren,
    I really love your hores. I ahchly have a hores that looks extilty like tango .Her name is misty.
    I also love your dog max is really cute
    I would love to know,is max a girl or a boy?

    • Hi kreisert,

      Tango isn’t my horse but I love riding him, Misty sounds very cute. I agree Max is very cute, he’s a boy. I wonder if your horse is the same breed as Tango? (I think Tango is a Welsh secetion D cross apaloosa.)

      Can you send me the link to your blog?


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