Preparing for the 2019 blog challenge – URLS

A URL is a link that takes you to a website, sadly sometimes these websites can be trying to steal personal information but other times they can be providing you with facts and interesting information like the NASA website. URL stands for uniform/universal resource locator.

A comment means you are replying on someone’s post. Normally you can only add posts to your own blog or a blog you share with some other people.

My blog URL is: For some reason my blog like some other people’s aren’t secure. If a link begins with https://___________.________._____ it is secure however if like my blog it doesn’t have a ‘S’ and is not secure. What this means is you shouldn’t share passwords on my blog and you shouldn’t share passwords anyway.

Each post/page has it’s own URL which can be found when you tap on the title. The link for this post is: