Story 3

Another story about a girl based on a photo.

unsplash-logoJordan Rowland

Leah was following her little sister Katie around their farm. She could see Katie’s pink dress flapping around in the wind. Leah was wondering what Katie was doing, Katie didn’t know Leah was following her. Katie kept on walking until she saw someone. Leah looked, she was very confused. Who was it, then she realised it was her older brother Henry.

Leah had know idea why Henry was out here, he was mean’t to be at his friends’ house. He saw Leah and he said to her “What are you doing here?” He asked. Leah replied to him by saying “I could ask you the same question.” Leah walked forward then she tripped over something, it was a stick, with Henry’s name on it.

“Henry what are you doing?” asked Katie who was very shocked to see Leah behind her. “Well if you two must know, I was just finishing growing this pumpkin.” he said while pulling of an old pile of rags, it was the biggest pumpkin Leah and Katie had ever seen. “It’s for the Spring fruit and vegetable compition.” said Henry in a very proud voice.

Story 2 – Haunted

Another story about a image by Lauren.

unsplash-logoeberhard grossgasteiger

As Alicia stood got out the car she stood still. A sudden cold shiver went down her back. She looked at her new house it was a really big cottage on a hill. It was very different to Alicia’s old house, it was near a forest and mountains, her old house was in New York city. It was also very windy near the mountains she realised as the wind blew her long black hair into her face again.


For some reason Alicia parents didn’t like having neighbours. She realised that because the nearest shops and houses were a city away. Alicia began walking into the house suddenly she heard voices, a lot of voices. Alicia was confused, she asked her parents if they could hear the voices as well. Their answers were “Don’t be crazy!” and “Really?” Alicia was even more confused and then the voices began yelling. She could see that her parents could hear that. Suddenly Alicia felt something touch her shoulder, she turned around and was very suprised to see what was behind her.

Story 1

I’ve decided to write a story about this photo.

unsplash-logoCristy Zinn

I was running. I had been running for a long time. I am running after a horse a special horse, a horse called ‘Star’, I love her name because it relates to space just like mine ‘Luna’.

I couldn’t see Star. I knew she and the other horses must have been spooked out by the lightning last and began to run faster. I kept on running, I just hoped that Star and the other horses were okay. I knew Star and the other horses must have been 3 – 5 kilometres away. I kew it would of been faster to drive, but I couldn’t be bothered waking them up at 1:00 am in the morning.

I suddenly heard the sound of a car nearby me. I turned around but the driver was isn’t who I expected it to be. Inside the car was ………

Who am I?

Who am I?

Who am I, I hear you ask.

Well I’m willing to take on any task.

My name is Lauren and I’m eleven.

Next year I’ll be in year seven.

I’m brave and strong.

and willing to try all day long.

I sometimes want to give up.

But then I decide, ‘Nup!’

I love animals, I love almost all,

Big, small, hairy, tall.

I don’t mind.

I’m one of a kind.

I love staying active and fit.

Don’t be scared, I won’t bite or hit.

I love the colours red, purple, green and blue.

I like finding out facts that are new.

I live with my dad, my mum, my sister – Izzy, my dog – Max and my brother Ollie,

I have many nicknames such as Lozzy, Lonny, Lollipop, Poppy and Lolly.

I love STEM, which is science, technology, engineering and maths.

I kind of like the lesson HASS.

I like travelling the Earth.

Finding out what money’s worth.

I like ice-cream, gnocchi and pizza with pineapple and ham.

But I still don’t know who I really am.

Header images

Hi there!

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My avatar

This is my avatar:

I think my avatar looks like me. Somethings it’s missing are: freckles, a smile (I don’t normally smile unless I’m laughing, really happy or talking to my friends about strange things) and my hair colour isn’t exact, because my hair is slightly darker at the top and blonde-ish at the bottom.

I chose the background because I love space, stars, planets and learning about the universe. I also like the colour turquoise.

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Preparing for the 2019 blog challenge – URLS

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My blog URL is: For some reason my blog like some other people’s aren’t secure. If a link begins with https://___________.________._____ it is secure however if like my blog it doesn’t have a ‘S’ and is not secure. What this means is you shouldn’t share passwords on my blog and you shouldn’t share passwords anyway.

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