Winter in the willows

Now that it was Winter it was dark and cold outside. I really loved looking outside and seeing the lake, even though it was dark outside I could still see the willow trees; big and beautiful. As soon as Winter hit I could feel and see it. Before it was Winter I would stay outside for a long time. Now that it’s June it was dark sooner and as soon as it was dark I had to come back inside. I would rather still be outside instead of inside staring at the large freezing cold lake until I fall asleep.ย 

unsplash-logoIan Keefe

2 thoughts on “Winter in the willows

  1. Hi Lauren,
    I am Mrs. D, a STUBC commenter this year. Your About post is chock full of interesting information. You sound like a busy girl with the various sports you love.
    You write with a descriptive voice that brings the reader into your thoughts. I too like ice cream, because who doesn’t, right?
    Thanks for the interesting information. Enjoy the STUBC.
    Feel free to visit my blog in Cave Creek, AZ and connect to my 6th graders.

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